Happy to be appointed artistic director of The Trondheim Jazz Orchestra for 2017-2019!!! Concerts confirmed for TJO/Vagan in Norway, Netherlands and Germany for 2017.


Check Tour Dates for more info and upcoming schedule.



New record OUT NOW on Clean Feed:


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Trondheim Jazz Orchestra: «Sidewalk Comedy» MNJ Records / Musikklosen, 2013
Audun Kleive´s Generator X: «Attack», 2013 POL-Selection, 2013
The Deciders: «We Travel The Airwaves» Jazzland, 2014
Motif w/Axel Dörner: “Art Transplant” Clean Feed, 2011
Motif: “Facienda”, 3CD Jubileumsbox Jazzland, 2010
Motif: "Expansion" AIMrec, 2007
Anders Aarum Trio: “First Communion” Jazzaway, 2006
Kullhammar/Osgood/Vågan: “ANDRATX Live” Moserobie, 2009
Kullhammar/Osgood/Vågan: “ANDRATX” Moserobie, 2006
MOTIF: “Apo Calypso” Jazzland, 2008
Bengalo: "Vir" Hot Club Records, 2004
BRAT: "Please Don't Shoot" Moserobie, 2004
Bugge Wesseltoft: “NCOJ Box” Jazzland, 2010
Eirik Hegdal og Trondheim Jazzorkester: "We are?" MNJ Records, 2005
Eirik Hegdal og Trondheim Jazzorkester: “Wood and Water” MNJ Records 2010
Erlend Skomsvoll: «52:29” Grappa, 2009
Erlend Skomsvoll og Trondheim Jazzorkester: “What If” MNJ Records, 2009
Espen Reinertsen Organic Jukebox: “Subaquatic Disco” AIMrecords, 2008
Gammalgrass: «Obsolete Music 1» Division, 2014
Håvard Wiik Trio: “The Arcades Project” Jazzland, 2008
Juxtaposed: “Tsar Bomba” Bolage, 2010
Klaus Holm Kollektief: “What was that you said” Jazzaway, 2008
Maria Kannegaard Trio: “Camel Walk” Jazzland, 2009
Maria Kannegaard Trio: "Quiet Joy" Jazzland, 2004
Maria Kannegaard/Trondheim Jazzorkester: “Live In Oslo” MNJ Records, 2007
Maryland: “Live” Moserobie, 2009
Maryland: “Maryland” Moserobie, 2007
Erik Nylander: “A Festa Vale Tudo” Paralell, 2010
Obara International: «Komeda» For-Tune, 2013
Obara International: «Manggha» For-Tune, 2014
Ola Kvernberg: “Liarbird” Jazzland, 2011
Ola Kvernberg: “Mechanical Fair” Jazzland, 2014
RoundTrip: "Two Way Street" Jazzaway, 2006
Tore Johansen: "Happy Days" Gemini, 2002
Tore Johansen / Vigleik Storås / Ole Morten Vågan: "Rainbow Session" Inner Ear, 2007
Tore Johansen: "Like That" - Featuring Karin Krog Gemini, 2005
Tore Brunborg Trio: "Lucid Grey" Vossajazz records, 2009
Motif: "Motif" AIMrec, 2004
Julio Resende Quartet: “Assim Favala Jazzatustra” Clean Feed, 2009
Julio Resende trio: “You Taste like a song” Clean Feed, 2011
Nora Brockstedt: "Christmas Songs" Jazzavdelingen, 2005
Atle og Frode Nymo: "Inner urge" Taurus, 2003